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Creative Juicer. Wrestles with words in the hope of being heard.

Poetry Reading

I am available to book for poetry performances. These can be themed in line with your night or if preferred I can perform a variety of material from my various collections.Book Here.

Themed Performance

I have various themes which are linked with narrative and are performed as a single piece. These include:

Demolition Man (20 mins.)

A random meeting with an angry and disconcertingly familiar rogue leads to a discordant conversation. Awkward pieces fall into place.

One Foot In The Rave (55 Minutes)

A 23 year old evangelist preacher finds himself on the ecstasy fueled dance floors of 90's clubland. He is not prepared for what he finds.

Pucker Poets

Pucker poets its a carefully mixed blend of spoken word and poetry. Each event features showcase artists, a Slam for cash competition and a leading exponent of the scene. Alexander Rhodes hosts the event and books all performers. Subscribe on the site for updates

Event Host

If your holding an event and require a host to warm up a crowd, introduce acts and entertain throughout the event give me a call . With or without poetry I am completely comfortable in this role. From a few hours through to a whole festival I can put together a package to suit you.

Creative Writing

I am happy to undertake all manner of creative writing. Bespoke poetry, Wedding speeches, corporate blogs, anything wordy. Please inquire via the contact form with a brief and budget.


Here are a selection of pieces that I have written. These are performed as part of themed sets or as a montage of ideas. I have four collections, each with its own distinctive theme and style. Below you will find video, print and audio so that you have a choice as to how to consume them... Enjoy.


A sharp, confident performer with excellent material

Attila The Stockbroker

Book Here

Alexander Rhodes done the business supporting me on tour. He belongs on the stage

Luke Wright

Book Here

Soulful and searing... A pleasure to listen too

Mark Gwynne Jones

Book Here

Who is the older guy? I love his stuff

Miko's mum

Book Here

A poetic force to be reckoned with. A cracking host who puts everyone at ease, he flits comfortably between welcoming event organiser and reliably powerful performer.

Sara Hirsch

Book Here



Alexander Rhodes - "Nana's Delight"

Live Performance @ Genesis Slam Finals in London 2016. Video by the wonderful Tyrone Lewis @processproductions


Alexander Rhodes - "The Ride"

A short film celebrating the world of cycling. Sponsored by Rockets and Rascals, Inspired by Madison Genesis bikes. Film by the talented Jake Galvin of Galvid.

If you would ike social media content like this for your company, product or brand please get in touch.




Alexander Rhodes - "Wonderland"

We are increasingly isolated by social media and social differences it can be hard to find a place. To make meaningful connections. The binary finery seems real. Endless ways to amplify our egos and create the illusion of connection. Welcome to Wonderland. (A work in progress show by Alexander Rhodes)

Sponsored by boutique coffee brands and the caffeine club. A film by Jake Galvin "Galvid"